Dog Communication Signals

More and more research is focusing on the signals and gestures dogs use with each other – and, with us – to request relaxation and calmness. The signals are subtle and one of the best ways to bond with our dogs is to recognize and follow these signals. Turid Rugaas has been at the forefront of this research and calls these signals, “calming signals.” She has produced DVDs and books on this subject which we highly recommend! We’ve also started to gather material from our client dogs and our dogs to supplement the learning. Without a doubt, we recommend you purchase your own copy of Turid’s video, “On Talking Terms with Dogs.” It’s a wonderful way to train your eye as these signals can be fleeting.

We also included a basic link to general emotional signals of dogs – it’s a fun video for family members.

Different Types of Visual Signals
Calming Signals
Calming Signals
Laddie’s Lessons: Communicating with Calming Signals
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