Loose Leash Walking Skills

For our current and past students, here are some videos to help with a visualization of loose leash walking in the field with distractions. Part 1 will show you a dog who has been practicing the beginning exercises (this dog initially had no connection to her people on the other end of the leash – so there’s lots of improvement already!). Part 2 will show you what to do when your dog starts to recognize he/she is reaching the end of the leash. And Part 3 will show you a dog who mostly knows what to do when she reaches the end of the leash. In other words, she’s ready for more specific training such as learning to change direction, stay on one side, and settle when her person stops to chat!

This method teaches a dog to think about being on a leash, and decide it’s more rewarding to keep the leash loose versus pull. How fun is this!

Loose Leash Walking Level I
Loose Leash Walking II
Loose Leash Walking III
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