Private Lesson Supportive Materials – 6 Lesson Track

Although every animal is an individual, we try to follow some basic principles with you and your animal during our six week private lesson package.

You’ll find the lessons below.  We include a review of your lesson as well as additional materials for further study.  Obviously, the order may vary according to the needs of your dog, but we hope there’s enough material here to cover the basics of all your lessons!

Week 1: Teaching Toss Treat/Eye Contact and Touch a Target
Week 2: Name Game, Follow the Target, Adding Verbal Cue to Target, and Body Language
Week 3: Calming Signals, Duration of Sit/Lie Down, Mine/Take It, Body Handling
Week 4: Calming Signals, Settle on the Mat Part I, Distractions, Polite Walking, Body Handling II
Week 5: Calming Signals, Beginning Recall, Settle on a Mat Part II, Loose Leash Walking, Body Handling III
Week 6: Calming Signals, Walking, Advanced Stay/Wait, Distractions, Look At That, Resources
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Enrolled: 18 students
Lectures: 6
Level: Intermediate