This is a great course for anyone who’d like to learn a bit more about positive training and how to clean up the clarity of your training by using a marker signal.  It’s also a wonderful review for established trainers – to make sure your handling skills are clear and consistent.  Basics of Positive Training has six short lessons in the course.  The first three lessons provide you with beginning skills for using a marker signal (we recommend a clicker), including timing of the marker signal and skills for delivering treats (all needed before you work with your animal).  The last three lessons give you the skills to teach your animal his/her first behavior with the clicker and some ideas for the future.

We include Basics of Positive Training with our private lesson training packages and online beginning group lessons (Precious Puppies, Basic Manners, and Calm & Confident).  You can learn more about our training package here:  Mountain Hooves & Paws.  The lessons in this course are password protected, so if you’ve lost or forgotten your password, please don’t hesitate to contact us!