Same Cue, More Distractions

In this video, I (Gene) am seeing how strong the cue is for a behavior I’ve been practicing with Britta. The behavior is for Britta to touch her paw to my foot. The cue is a visual cue: I lift my foot.

Before today, we’ve practiced in a low distraction environment – in a bedroom with a closed door. We are now building the strength of this cue. This is the first time we are trying it in a higher distraction area – in the living room with Kinna standing behind the camera. As you’ll see, the cue is still strong for Britta. Even when she decides to check out Kinna behind the camera, she returns for more fun!

Notice that I did not make a big jump in distractions – instead I moved from one room in the house to another room. Britta will need repetitions here before she can respond when people come over, or I ask her to perform the behavior in an even higher distraction setting.