Lesson 2: The Exit – First Session

In this video, we will show a technique for exiting your home that involves “splitting.” In other words, you will be the one to go out first. This way, your dogs can learn to leave the house in a relaxed way because you’ll be taking care of any challenges.

Dogs respond to the splitting because they use this technique themselves. Have you ever experienced a dog step in front of you when you tried to hug a friend? Have you ever seen a dog work to get between two other dogs who are playing roughly? Have you found that when you place yourself between your dog and someone/thing she’s nervous about, she calms down?

These are all acts of splitting. And, we can signal to our dogs that we’ll take care of anything new or exciting outside when we go through this routine at the door. This is a first session video – you’ll see Laddie understand right away and step back — but again, just like with the previous video (The Re-entry), Britta is excited and has a harder time responding to Gene’s calming signal of the “split.” We take her head turn away from Gene as the relaxation she can offer for this session. Maybe some day she can walk away like Laddie did!