Lesson 1: The Re-entry – First Session

Remember, the password for the Calm & Confident Class is:  clickerdog

In this video, you’ll see Gene do a “soft” re-entry into a room where Britta, Laddie, and I are stationed. We call this “soft” because he’s just coming from one room to another in the house. It’s important to start these sessions in lower excitement situations so the dog has a better opportunity to successfully respond to a person’s calming signals. Remember, the dogs have habits and routines of over excitement that we probably reinforced over time. We are now changing things quite a bit so we want our animals to accept and feel confident with this.

Our goal is to help our over-reactive dog Britta be able to respond to Gene’s calming signals and relax within seconds of Gene’s re-entry. In this first session, you’ll see she slowly responds, but her response is partial and takes multiple minutes. Laddie, on the other hand, responds immediately and stays relaxed behind the camera despite the fact that Gene is moving around in the kitchen!

Gene uses only body language (calming signals such as curving and looking away). He remains quiet and calm throughout the session.